• The United States of America is not an accident of history.
  • We are a providential nation.
  • We were founded on godly principles which have withstood the test of time.
  • We are free, and by the grace of God and an engaged citizenry we will remain free. E.W. Jackson is running for President to preserve that freedom and secure America’s future.

His vision for America is an inspiration to everyone who has heard him speak:

“We patriots do not pretend America is a perfect country, but we are a noble nation. Ours is a nation of industry and innovation; of creativity and productivity; of decency and generosity; of noble ideals and courageous people; of laws and not of men; and of remarkable ability to correct itself. We must honor rather than denigrate our country; bless it rather than blame it for everything that is wrong in the world. It is time for a rebirth of American faith and freedom. Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish this nation. We must be willing to do the same to preserve it.” 

Bishop Jackson is an American, descended from slaves, and confesses without apology, “I love my country. We can focus on our mistakes or on our aspirations. We can gaze with bitterness at the past or cast a vision of hope for the future. I choose aspiration and vision.”

America is a gift God has given to us and the world. We must appeal to the conscience of our nation to return to the virtues that made us great. Only by reaffirming first principles will we save our beloved republic. Sincere Americans of all backgrounds and political affiliations must unite as “one nation under God.” That is the only path to liberty and justice for all.

The Democrat Party, funded by George Soros and other leftist billionaires and elites will destroy this last best hope on earth if we let them. The COVID pandemic revealed the hidden forces of tyranny ready to trample the Constitution and exert absolute control over the lives of Americans.

They colluded to deny our liberty under the First and Fourth Amendments and claimed power that neither the law nor the Constitution gave them.

Government spending and debt have reached unprecedented levels. Inflation is ravaging family budgets. Traditional marriage and family are under attack. Children are being indoctrinated with evil and perverse ideas about their sexuality. Race has become an obsession with fear being used to manipulate black citizens into voting Democrat no matter how Godless, dishonest and degenerate the Party becomes. They tried yo close churches during COVID, and are engaged in an ongoing effort to marginalize and intimidate Christians into silence.

Crime is at epidemic levels, while violent criminals are released to terrorize law abiding citizens. Educational performance is the lowest in decades for basic disciplines of math and reading. Yet public schools focus on sexualizing and indoctrinating children instead of educating them. Even our military has become a laboratory for bizarre socio-sexual experimentation and racial obsession. Our Judeo-Christian values are denounced as racist, sexist, “Islamophobic, homophobic” and now “transphobic” has been added to the list of anti-Christian slurs.

Most of our news and information comes from people who are anti-American, anti-God and denounce patriotism as dangerous “Christian nationalism,” the equivalent of Nazism. They call Christians and conservatives American “Taliban.” Yet they are the ones who now say there are no such categories as men and women or boys and girls. We know who the real extremists are – the Democrat Party and their radical allies.

The Left believes that every problem in life must be cured with more government spending, intrusive regulations and higher taxes. Where there are no tangible justifications for the intrusion, they make them up. For example, they must take control of your children to help them find their true “gender identity.” They must censor your speech to stop you from spreading medical or other kinds of “disinformation.” There must be reparations and “diversity, equity and inclusion” programs to address “systemic” racism. The path to utopia and social justice is always more government power and control, and there are no constitutional limits they honor.

They would turn the American Dream of a shining city on a hill into the dark nightmare of absolute tyranny. Our American ancestors fought, bled and died for our freedom. Being born American made us heirs to the spiritual and intellectual giants who birthed and shaped this nation: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others. This includes the African slaves and European indentured servants who came here under horrendous circumstances to embrace the hope the new world offered. For most of those pioneers, the promise of America would be realized not by them in their lifetime, but in us, their posterity.

We are heirs to a political miracle. For citizens who have taken our country for granted or been taught to resent it, the E.W. Jackson for President campaign will awaken in them to a new gratitude for the blessing of being an American.

This campaign is calling Americans together across all racial, cultural and denominational lines around our shared legacy and common destiny. We must unite to save this “sweet land of liberty.” With the support of the American people, that is what E.W. Jackson will do as President of the United States.

“I am asking for your prayers, your contributions and your vote to win the Republican nomination and the general election. God bless you and God bless America.” 

E.W. Jackson 
Candidate for 
President of the United States